Information for Recipients

All recipients for Elgin’s Hope for the Holidays must follow the process below in order to complete their registration and receive their holiday toys:

1. Schedule a registration appointment: In order to protect everyone this holiday season, registration is by appointment only. Appointment slots open up starting October 1st, 2020 and run through November 30th. No appointments will be taken after this date. Recipients will have the choice to register in-person with COVID-19 safeguards in place (masks and social distancing will be required), or through an online virtual appointment. Please call us at either:

    • The Salvation Army – 847-741-2304 ext. 302 (in-person appointments)
    • The Community Crisis Center – 847-742-4088 ext. 304 (virtual appointments)

2. At your appointment: Elgin’s Hope for the Holidays recipients must provide the following at their appointment:

    • Picture ID: Please provide a Picture ID for the adult that is registering the children. The adult must have legal custody of the children they are registering for.
    • Proof of current address for the following zip codes: 60110, 60118, 60120, 60121, 60123, 60124, 60136, 60140, or 60177. This can be a bill, lease, pay stub, government document, etc. with your name and address. 
    • Child’s ID: An ID for all children being registered. This must be a document with the child’s name, date of birth and parents/guardians name(s) on it (i.e. birth certificate. medicaid letter, etc.).
    • Proof of Need: Proof that you are financially in need. This can be an SSI letter, Medicaid Card, Snap Card, or documentation of emergency (i.e. medical bills, car repair receipts, etc.).

Please also review our toy wish list prior to your appointment and come prepared with three options for each child.

3. Pick up your toys! At your appointment you will be given information about picking up your toys starting on December 16th, including date and time. All toy pick-ups will take place at the Salvation Army Elgin Corps Community Center.